Cyber Security

We at CTS believe that a proactive cyber strategy that includes the necessary methodology for internal and external security monitoring, threat detection and management is required for today’s complex digital landscape.

With years of experience in implementing cyber security solutions, CTS empowers organizations thrive with a unified approach that will help you to better prevent, detect and defend against the ever-developing cyber threats, filling the gap in coverage and ensuring immediate intelligence to be gathered about any fraudulent activity in cyber arena.

Web Intelligence

Engaging with our in-house web intelligence system, enables you to continuously monitors day-to-day on-line activities of targeted area of interest i.e., either individuals and their networks or a specified geographic location and automatically extracts data trends with the help of words and phrases from social media sources.

CTS will provide full time on-site support to the staff to operate the web Intelligence systems that includes

  • Collection of data from different sources available on web such as open source data and lawful interception.
  • Monitor targeted threats and send alerts to crime analyst in real-time
  • Data analytics - implement various types of analytical tools that can be used on the aggregated data to draw actionable insights.

Web & Mobility

Whether you are a start-up or an accomplished business of any size, we at CTS believe that each project is unique according to the business needs.

From product initiation to end delivery, we have developed an adaptive Application Development framework utilizing industry specific coding standards and best practices in developing built in order web and mobile Applications across a variety of industries to bring prospects to the client’s business ideas.

With years of experience in understanding client’s requirements, we apply our expertise in utilizing cutting edge technologies to create user specific cost-effective solutions ensuring high level of quality outcomes while keeping the security and complexity concerns in mind.

Big Data

Information is key to business transformation in today's competitive world and this huge wealth of information if utilized properly will turn out as assets for the companies to improve work efficiency, lower costs and increase revenue.

We at CTS, automated the process of cumulating data from multiple sources, convert this huge chunks of raw data to store, process, manage and analyze data to unlock the vast potential hidden in data and provide real-time data analytics for tackling industry Specific Big Data applications enabling businesses to become more efficient and profitable.

Web Intelligence Company

Delivering integrated intelligence solutions for Government organizations, Security agencies and Corporate enterprise.

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